Custom TV cabinet

Meubelmakerij Rotterdam can design and realize a custom TV cabinet for you. Sometimes, it might be rather difficult to find a TV cabinet that, in terms of style and size, perfectly fits into your house. If the furniture strip doesn’t offer the right solution, then order Meubelmakerij Rotterdam to design a custom TV cabinet.

Having a fully custom TV cabinet

We are always happy to discuss your wishes for a custom TV cabinet. During the sketch phase your ideal furniture solution will already come to life. After having received all possible information from you, we will start drawing. Size is not the only important aspect. Therefore, we would like to come over to measure the available space ourselves and to get an impression of the style and atmosphere in your house. We love customization; not only in the field of centimetres, but in the entire design.

Coming up with a solution

You would like to have a custom TV cabinet but you don’t have any idea about the right application, style or shape? So, you have an interior problem, but still need a solution? We would like to take up this challenge and convert all your wishes and ideas into a suitable design. By means of intensive contact we will involve you in the entire process and ensure the desired result. Visit our showroom in Rotterdam or call us: +31 10 7200855.

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