Custom interior construction Rotterdam

For interior construction you must definitely visit Meubelmakerij Rotterdam. If the furniture strip doesn’t offer a solution and you need an original piece of furniture that perfectly fits into your house or office, then go to Meubelmakerij Rotterdam. We develop creative, custom concepts in Rotterdam and have been offering total solutions since 2007. 

Custom interior construction by Meubelmakerij Rotterdam

We are available for private persons in Rotterdam, who need custom interior design. You can think of various furniture such as cupboards, wall units and tables. We not only have an eye for aesthetics, but also for practical applications. In addition, we do much more than designing and realizing one single custom cupboard or table; we can offer total solutions! We always ensure the best result by combining your needs and demands with our knowledge and experience.

Intensive personal contact

Varying from a side table to a sliding door wardrobe: Meubelmakerij Rotterdam offers custom interior construction. We will discuss the possibilities together and develop a design that meets your wishes. Intensive, personal contact ensures the desired solution. For more information or an appointment you can call +31 10 7200855.

010 7200855

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