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Louis Sullivan

We are artisans and we know our trade. Wood processing is our passion.

Old Dutch makes us proud, but doesn’t inspire us.

We are inspired by presence and future. Timeless in our own way.

Our furniture is unique, exclusive and functional, just like all of our customers, sometimes a bit stubborn, just like us.

We are children of the modern Rotterdam. The post-war architecture of Rotterdam is our working environment and fits us like a tailored-made jacket.




Your motive isn’t “what does it cost?” but “take me”.

We are the company that converts your ideas into creations and for this we ask a compensation.

The sum of sheet material, hinges, handles and dovetail joints or a pot of glue usually results into a price per linear meter.  You will soon have a good impression of what you can expect from us. An indication? Take an average of approx. € 2000 per linear meter. That is the width of the back wall regardless of the number of shelves, doors or height. We can’t be clearer.


When you have clarified your wishes in our showroom and you have decided which materials should be used, we will set the final budget. If you place the order based on this estimate, we will elaborate the sketches  into a working drawing. Our creativity and your wishes come together and will result into the final definitive offer, in which we don’t want to make concessions at the expense of quality.



Our Rotterdam directness relates to delivery time as well. The time between the first appointment and the definitive design is usually between 4 and 8 weeks. Once you agree with our offer it will take approx. three months before we will install our solution.


Unique. That’s you, we and our interior solutions. Our cupboards resemble the work of Anton Koolhaas. Or did our work inspire his creative brain? One thing is clear: we complete each other.

Together we will check the situation and discuss the ideas. A design is drawn, seamlessly in line with your wishes. Intensive contact with you during all phases of the design- and production process ensures you will be satisfied with the final result.

You are always welcome to visit our showroom and adjoining workplace to see our creations with your own eyes.


Our list of questions

What are the desired and available sizes?

Height, width, depth?

For a first impression an estimation will do, after having placed the order we will come over to measure ourselves. It’s all about customization!

Do you have a plan?

A plan would be convenient to give us a clear overview of all possibilities in a specific area. You can sketch it yourself. This plan/sketch enables us to advice  you. Pretty convenient in case of difficult areas or inconvenient positioned windows and doors!

What’s the goal or application?

An interior solution can have several functions. In case of a sliding door cabinet you can think of storing clothes, boxes or toys. The more we know, the better we can create a suitable solution.

What’s the atmosphere?

The interior solution has to match your style or perhaps it means the beginning of a period to change course. Share your desired atmosphere, for example by means of pictures of the current situation or examples found on internet or in magazines. Show us! Should it fit with your current floor and wall coverings? If possible, please bring a sample if you visit our showroom.


The cooperation of owners Bart Ronde and Lenoard Luitwieler. Since 2007 Bart and Leonard have developed, designed and manufactured creative solutions for private persons.

In 2014 we moved to Rotterdam and introduced the name Meubelmakerij Rotterdam.

The post-war architecture of this metropole is our working environment that inspires and fits us. We don’t cut the crap. We talk about sketches and designs.

We work to create, from scribbles on paper to detailed plans on the Mac. Our customers understand us and we understand you and you will notice it in detail and in the big picture.



By constantly searching for creative solutions beyond closets for our customers, the idea came about to deal with our own workspace much more efficiently.

Having a huge showroom looks fantastic and an office where you can also relax is really something for now, but are our customers helped with it? We did not think so.

In addition to making furniture, we rent the square meters that we do not use. The tenants inspire us and our customers notice this directly in our products and pricing. We have set up a website for our guests; www.bovendijk153.nl.